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Following a conviction in the Crown Court or the Magistrates’ Court, the prosecution may consider confiscation proceedings. The purpose of the proceedings is for the prosecution to confiscate the offender’s assets obtained from their criminality.

Any assets; money, property, shares and/or goods, given or received in the last 6 years are assumed to have been met or obtained with the proceeds of criminal conduct, unless it can be proved otherwise. As a result the proceeds of crime figure can be higher than you first think.

Proceeds of crime proceedings can often be very stressful for the client with so much at stake. The preparatory work in these cases is vitally important to securing what is rightfully yours; the onus is on the client to provide as much information as possible to the Court. An advocate will attend all initial hearings at Court in preparation for the final hearing.

At the final hearing we will be in Court to represent you and with your fully prepared file our advocate in Court will make the necessary representations to obtain the best outcome in the circumstances.